The 2018 calendar collection of 12 goddesses from around the world.

  • Sedna, Inuit protectress of all the ocean's creatures.
  • Sekhmet, Egyptian lion-headed warrior goddess.
  • Marzanna, Baltic goddess of sorcery and Spring thaw.
  • Hel, Norse goddess and gatekeeper of the underworld.
  • Kadru, Indian goddess and ancestral mother of serpents.
  • Ta'xet & Tia, Haida rulers of violent and peaceful death.
  • Pele, Hawaiian creator goddess and volcanic destroyer.
  • Marishiten, Japanese patron goddess of Samurai warriors.
  • Eris, Greek goddess of discord and strife.
  • Itzpapalotl, Aztec obsidian butterfly warrior goddess.
  • The Morrigan, Celtic triple goddess of war and prophecy.
  • Watamaraka, Zulu goddess of evil and mother of demons.
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